Monitoring your Workforce for safety,
compliance and security

About the Software

Workforce Management System

Access the power of your most valuable asset, your workforce.

Operate your Project with the confidence of a skilled and safe workforce, from single-site operations to large-scale Enterprise wide management.

Scenario Advantage Workforce is designed for effective and streamlined Training, Safety, and Worker management. Every module includes tools for data input, reporting, and automated email alerting.

Worker Monitoring & Access Alerts

Intelligent Control
of Site Access

Need to know who's on site, where they're located, are they competent and whether they're breaching any fatigue rules?

How about finding a skilled worker for a specific task right now? Scenario Workforce has you covered.

With advanced integration to your boom gates, doors and turnstiles, you can control site access rules at the group, individual, or competency level.

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Worker Monitoring
  • Capture worker hours, location, and costs
  • Manage specific controlled areas & zones for safety or commissioning
  • Touchscreen Kiosks for worker self-monitoring
  • Easily define zone or location entry rules, including competency, group-membership, or at the individual worker level
  • Define and monitor breach of fatigue rules, with alert notifications by email
  • Drug & Alcohol test selection, with prompt to the Worker and Supervisor, and integration with breath test hardware units
  • Run as a fully Cloud hosted or on-premise system – we allow both!
Training Management

Training Management & Course Planning

Ensure a Continually Skilled Workforce

Ensure you're always resourced with the workforce you need - ready to take on the tasks of your Project or Operation.

Efficiently maintain and plan your workforce training needs, ensuring you meet your internal organisational and legislative requirements.

Scenario Workforce empowers you by making the challenge of Training Management seem easy!

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  • Manage unlimited employees, contractors & visitors
  • Track competency attainment and status
  • Plan and schedule worker training courses & toolbox talks
  • Comprehensive Training Needs Analysis at role-based and individual level
  • Upload electronic copies of training documents and evidence
  • Link skill attainments through a variety of Parent/Child structure methods
  • Define responsible people at role-based or individual level
  • Run as a fully Cloud hosted or on-premise system – we allow both!

Manage Safety Events, Indicators and Actions

Safety & Compliance
the smart way

Ensure the safety of your people. Scenario Workforce enforces your processes, allowing the system to be configured to not only your industry needs, but your Project or Enterprise.

Scenario Workforce will provide you the visibility of what has or hasn’t happened, and help you to prevent incidents from reoccurring. The system is designed to enforce your processes including logging, investigation, delegation, through to action close-out.

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Manage Safety Events
  • Lag Indicator, Lead Indicator, and Action management
  • Customised process workflows are automatically triggered for Incident and Action management
  • Integration with our Workforce Monitoring functionality means work hours are already on hand, ready for frequency rate reporting
  • Escalation process tailored to your Management hierarchy
  • Automatic email notification of events or reminders
  • View your workforce profiles, training, site access and safety history in the one application
  • Run as a fully Cloud hosted or on-premise system – we allow both!


and Sized
to your needs

We recognise that your needs vary, depending on the scope of your project(s), and whether it is in early stages through to full operations. We work collaboratively with our Clients, and our pricing model enables a system to be implemented with a small number of Users, and allow it to dynamically grow with your Enterprise and Project.

An important note - we do not price based on the size of your Workforce. As your Workforce grows, your cost to use our system does not.

We offer the following pricing models:
  • Software as a Service (SaaS).
    Subscription based license, with your data and backups
    secure and managed by Projection
  • On-Premise Perpetual License.
    Upfront, one time license fee, allowing you to install
    in your Enterprise's environment
Talk to us today about the best pricing model for you.